By Nishant Piyush

“Ambition is the path to success and Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. And When you Hustle , you arrive in a Lambo and in suave”
It takes smart thinking and immense hard work to build a life of luxury. The kind of luxury that’s both glamourous and peaceful as it’s hard earned .
One such talent powerhouse who has followed a similar path is Yahia Hawwari who has taken the fashion and business realm by storm. His antique style and keen interest to lead a life of grandeur has led him to a place where is stands unmatched.

33- Years old Yahia is an entrepreneur who runs an entourage of business and has built an identity from the field of education to fashion to real estate and eventually to Being one of the most successful Luxury Lifestyle influencer.

This epic journey began when Yahia left to Cyprus to complete his bachelors in Computer Engineering. Staying in a foreign land, the Idea of individuality and self independence kicked in. He always had a propensity for watches and cars that boosted him to pursue his passion. Deciding to move to USA from Jordan was one of the turning points in Yahia’s life. He began expanding his family business and simultaneously started investing in his own passion.And soon with his dedication,Self-belief and eye for detail he found a way to create a lifestyle that boasts luxury and splendour . With his viral “Watch and Boots” pose,he drew everyone’s attention as the Man who aces the game of Luxury Watches .
Having over 35 watches from eminent brands like Rolex to Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, His collection varies from fully Iced-out watches in baguettes and Flower arrangement. One of these that calls for a special mention in his collection is classic and cult ,fully Iced Out Rolex in Arabic Dial as it represents the Jordanian royalty.

Besides investing in luxurious commodities like his royal watches,Yahia has more than 10 single digit license plate numbers that are beyond difficult to attain at such a young age. Trading single digit license plates have now become common in the middle-east but 10 years back to own something so magnificent was just a dream to many. A while ago he made more purchases to mark a total of a couple million Dollars’ worth license plate numbers. Now that’s something bold and no wonder only Yahia Hawwari had the courage to invest in something thats rare and suits his style .

Yahia believes that “Someone else doesn’t get to tell you who you can be or what you can have.
The world doesn’t get to decide what you can try.
You are the only one who can make that decision.” With a mindset like this, he has broken all myths of living life. He believes in the experiences one curates for one’s self.
Yahia’s style and confidence has swept us all of our feet and has achieved the gold standard of Luxury living.

Hawwari’s investment group has emerged as one of the top notch groups that has only delivered the best. Yahia Has cracked the code of living life Big, Bold and Out Loud. Thus, in the coming years we can only expect regality and a standard of living that urges us to dream fearlessly.

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