It would appear that Microsoft is pretty proud with its gaming division in 2020.

We’ve arrived at the season when all the large companies begin dropping their feel-great occasion ads, and Microsoft’s is all about gaming. While the tech giant does plenty outside the universe of games, it appears as though it’s especially glad for the gaming section of the company this year.

The ad shows a family dog trotting around the house to discover their relatives playing Halo (on a gleaming new Xbox Series S), Minecraft, and Microsoft Flight Simulator- – just as one non-gaming item, Microsoft Teams. The doggy at that point enters those universes in a dream, joined by some of their puppy friends.

While the advertisement includes a Xbox Series S, the comfort is generally out of sight, and the Xbox Series X doesn’t appear to have shown up by any means.

It’s an update that Microsoft’s concentration in the gaming scene reaches out past the “console wars” and further into the domain of software- a desire just facilitated for the current year by various prominent studio acquisitions.

As a portion of the comments have brought up, nonetheless, Microsoft’s ad can appear to be to some degree sad for the puppy, as their human family would not like to quit gaming to give them consideration.

In case you’re lucky enough to enjoy a brand new Xbox this occasions, or playing heaps of Minecraft, simply make sure to save some an ideal opportunity for your furry relatives as well.

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