Momar Sakanoko is a french basketball player coming out of France. Well-known Momar in the basketball world his talent is recognized worldwide.

The french prospect played in different countries around Europe, before he ends up playing for the club of Bahia basket where he had a strong success.

Momar was considering on going into the Nba when he started receiving interest from Nba scouts and Gm’s.

After a successful season at bahia basket, he decided that we wouldn’t extend his contract and announced his retirement.

Shocking news, but Momar has plans. He is now building one of the best sports agency in the business.

The Be Great Company is a worldwide full service company serving now some of the best talents around the world and working in partnership with some of the most iconic brands.

It didn’ttook time for momar to grow the company into one of the best in the world.

Since the very beginning Momar has brought with him some of the best marketing experts, business consultants, lawyers, filmmakers, managers, and sports agents.

The Be Great Company is now on it’s way to become the best agency in the world.

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