Entrepreneurship means setting up a business or businesses, taking risks for the business. Entrepreneur is the person who sets the business and take all risks related to the business.

‘Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the country.’

Entrepreneurs are said to be the backbone of the country. They are considered as the root of any development in any country. Entrepreneurs are given very much importance for the development of any country. The reason for that is …

  • Entrepreneurs provide the opportunities of production in own country.
  • Entrepreneurs provide job opportunities to the masses of nation.
  • They provide products or services to the nation.
  • The revenue earned by entrepreneurs also contribute to the taxes of the nation, which finally, is used in the development of the infrastructure of the nation.
  • Basic facilities are also provided to the nation like education and electricity to the people because they get employment through new business units.
  • Entrepreneurship is the name of innovation. So, the country takes one more step in the direction of development, whenever, any enterprise comes into existence.

Rajat Singla is an entrepreneur with all the qualities of entrepreneurship. Youth like Rajat Singla is like an asset for our country. He is an entrepreneur with the nature of calculative risk taking. The new areas of businesses are interesting spots for Rajat. In this digital era, Rajat Singla has applied the ideas of businesses related to internet. Rajat Singla has all the following qualities of an entrepreneur.

  • Innovative mind.
  • Enthusiasm
  • Belief in oneself
  • Taking the consideration of current needs of people.
  • The aim of customer satisfaction.
  • Reasonable price decision, so that maximum people can afford the services provided.
  • Response on customer care service
  • Value the customers and taking utmost care for them.

Rajat Singla, having all these qualities of entrepreneurs, is proved to be successful in his field. At a very young age, Rajat Singla had a thought of doing something new. Therefore, he started a website providing access to Punjabi songs and Punjabi movies. This is how, he took his first step towards entrepreneurship. Then after, Rajat Singla started modelling. Many Punjabi magazines printed his photographs as an upcoming successful model.

In 2012, Rajat Singla started a social media management website named Shirajmedia.com. Shirajmedia is the brand name of the service. The services provided under the Shirajmedia are…

  • Social media advertising: here you can advertise your products or services.
  • Social Media Management: here you can get the organically developed likes, comments and followers for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • The social media account verification: here the provide the services to verify your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account verification.
  • Google knowledge panel: here the website helps you to make your appearance on Google search panel.
  • IMDb account: the website provides the service to open an account on IMDb.
  • Wikipedia service: here you can get your article posted on Wikipedia.

Rajat Singla, also working as an import-export agent, is having a dedicated nature towards his business goals. You can import many things including PVC and ceiling panels from China and in wholesale market of India. Rajat Singla is also successful in the business of wall décor. He started this business in 2013. From 2013, he kept up with all the changes in the market. India Wall Décor is the brand name of his wall décor business. Indiawalldecor.com is the official website of his wall décor business.

Rajat Singla- entrepreneur, has become a bench mark these days, for the youth of the country. You can always get satisfactory services from any of his brands.

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