Revive Dental identifies teeth discoloration as a common dental problem and has developed convenient at-home whitening kits to solve it.

The modern lifestyle tends to give a hard time for the teeth. The constant consumption of tea, coffee, and other strong beverages end up staining the teeth of today’s people. The lion’s share of the population ends up needing some teeth whitening procedure to get their natural teeth color.

Dental care centers in Canada, especially the best teeth whitening services Winnipeg, like Revive Dental, provide advanced care and attention to people struggling with stained or discolored teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the best resort for people struggling with darkened, discolored, or stained teeth. The teeth whitening procedure involves a bleaching gel on the top of the discolored teeth.

Properly using the gel removes the stain and dark color from the teeth and gives back the natural white color. Whitening procedures often help the patient improve their teeth color by several shades.

Still, there are many misconceptions about teeth whitening. Many people casually use over-the-counter teeth whitening kits that they purchase without a dentist’s prescription. However, such cheap bleaching gel can severely damage the user’s teeth.

People using unauthorized or unknown teeth whitening gels often struggle with the following problems.

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Uneven whitening
  • Damaged gums
  • Damaged enamel, etc.

This is why consulting a recognized dental practitioner is crucial for effective teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening at Revive Dental

  • Revive Dental Winnipeg specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening is a vital part of their cosmetic dentistry department.
  • At Revive Dental, the dentists promote a convenient at-home teeth whitening kit that enables patients to continue the whitening process independently after a few initial consultations.
  • The teeth whitening kits from Revive allow patients to not come to the clinic frequently for whitening sessions. Instead, they can carry out the process at their convenience.
  • The teeth whitening kit from Revive comes with a custom-made tooth cast and a mild bleaching gel.
  • The patient’s teeth structure and required measurements are taken on the initial consultation to create a proper tooth cast at Revive.
  • The custom-made teeth cast fits perfectly on the patient’s teeth.
  • At home, the patient has to fill the bleaching gel in the teeth cast and wear it for about thirty minutes.
  • The patients must wear the cast daily for thirty minutes for two to four weeks.
  • The crucial thing to remember is that leaving the whitening gel too long on the teeth is not advisable.
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