In just a few minutes on Monday, Applebee’s weekly date night subscription for a year was sold out.

Not long after the popular $200 “Date Night Pass” went on sale on Monday, the restaurant chain’s website appeared to crash.

The chain shortly after announced on its website, “Due to popular demand, the Applebee’s Date Night Pass has sold out.”

The quantity of passes sold and the time it took for them to officially sell out were not disclosed by the company. Remarks were requested, but Applebee’s did not answer right away.

The 52-time passes are good from February 1 to January 31, 2025, and include up to $30 worth of food and non-alcoholic beverages each use. As per the restaurant’s policy, the pass can only be utilized once every 24 hours.

The value of the pass is approximately $1,500 when all 52 discounts are used. Gratuities and taxes are not included in the pass.

The limited-edition subscription pass was not sold in-restaurant; it could only be obtained via Applebee’s website.

Many people vented their frustration on social media about how hard it was to get their hands on subscription passes.

One person posted on X, the former Twitter platform, saying, “The Applebee’s date night pass was in my cart available and then sold out within the span of probably 30 seconds.”

Upon visiting the website, some users reported that they failed to even see a buy option.

“I was literally constantly refreshing @Applebees for the date night and didn’t even notice the buy option.” How many did they sell—roughly five? On X, someone else said.

If someone was able to obtain a pass, they can show it to the Applebee’s staff when placing an order. When completing an online order, customers should input the 10-character promo code located on the pass’s reverse side into the designated promo section.

As per the promotion, the pass can only be utilized once every 24 hours.

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