Ravi Rajapaksha is popular as one of the most successful and young entrepreneurs living in Sri Lanka. He is pioneered in social media advertising, instructing, and marketing actives. Not only that he possesses amazing talents and skills in various fields. Therefore, today we invite him to the discussion to share his successful life story with you.

Give a small introduction about your early life and what inspired you to enter the business world.

My full name is Rajapaksha Kankanamage Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha, shortly Ravi Rajapaksha who was born on 27th August 1996. I was born and raised in Matale, Sri Lanka. I studied Biology for my Advanced Levels at St. Thomas’ college, Matale. I was good at sports and other extracurricular activities in my school days.

I was the captain of the school football and rugby teams. Since my childhood, I was inspired by the sight of Kandalama, which is well known as a historic ancient place. I think Kandalama laid the foundation to develop my interest and passion towards travelling. Then I followed my dream to explore the country and started working in the tourism industry as a tour guide which was helped me to learn and make interactions with different people. While working I noticed the opportunities and the strengths of expanding my carrier into many different fields. I was keenly interested about the marketing methods of social media platforms when I was working as a tour guide.

How do you become more successful in using Instagram?

First, I have built up a network of more than millions of Instagram followers. How I did that was amazing. I always tried to bring something new in my content and earned a good social media reputation for my creations and simply became an icon through Instagram. In this way, I was able to attract over 50,000 Instagram followers currently through my digital marketing abilities. Moreover, I support various upcoming Instagram influencers to increase their followings. Once my Instagram filters were gone viral all over the world by reaching more than three million users within a short period. This was the point where I have concluded Instagram is the place where I can build a reputation and grow with time.

Usually, people use Social media platforms to update about news, gossips and to upload photos of their personal life. Making money through such social media platforms are a bit difficult task. Hence, what are your secrets of making money through Instagram.

The extend of making money through Instagram depends on the uniqueness of your Instagram business content, the commitment, dedication, and the audience you can make money with. Following tips will help you to demand your Instagram account.

  • Become an influencer and make money from sponsored posts.
  • Become an affiliate and make money selling other people’s products.
  • Become a Virtual Assistant to an Influencer.
  • Sell your own physical products.
  • Write captions for businesses
  • Sell poster photos and other virtual items including instagram services
  • Promote Affiliate Links.

What are your other types of carriers apart from being an Instagram expert?

Yes, I was not only restricted to Instagram as I want to become versatile in different fields. I earned a reputation as a productive brand-builder and marketer with different individuals and companies on social media. I wanted to make interest my Instagram followers in the travel and tourism industry. Sri Lankan balloons (Pvt) Ltd, a fully licensed and approved Hot Air Balloon Rides operator is one of my successful promotions. Through this, I was able to create an effect in their mindset towards travelling.

My carrier as an Entrepreneur highlights the discovery of “Nextenco” which is a social media management and marketing agency. When my businesses are growing into success, I came up with the idea of facilitating small businesses to gain profits on Instagram and build brands. I discovered many organizations including “Sri Lanka elephant safari” which is a famous safari tour agency in Sri Lanka and became a specialist in the tourism sector.

I want my businesses to expand overseas. I started a Public Relations (PR) agency to help businesses to grow internationally by getting them published on on Forbes, Yahoo, Bloomberg, GQ, Vogue, FOX, IBT, CBS, NBC, and many more international premium news medias and magazines .The reason for discovering Nextenco is one of my vision in business.  That is “When you perform confidently and accurately in the task, the work will reach into a level that your competitors will awake and notice, then they will join hands with you unless they cannot beat you”.  I was able to attract various international clients and work as the Instagram manager of Open gates studios which is a well-reputed film production company in the USA.

My engagement as an author gave birth to a new compilation named “How to gain Profits on Instagram for Small Business”. It is a self-guidebook that has included all the details on how to conduct a small-scale business in Instagram by yourself and how to create attractive content for Instagram. Apart from the business activities, I have a plan to extend corporate social responsibility activities by starting an organization like “ocean cleanups to protect the environment”.

 Do you think social media platforms are stable and long-lasting source of income?

Yes, with the prevailing pandemic situation the demand for online businesses is kept increasing more rapidly than ever before. Even the people who do not have computer literacy or who do not have an interest to learn technological things had no option but to adapt to the situation. Things become easier with technology. Therefore, most people admire online works. Social media platforms are one of the most successful icon of online business. In the present world, it is difficult to find a person who does not have access to social media platforms. Hence, social media has an uprising demand. So, without a doubt, I can say social media platforms are a long-lasting source of income in present days an well as in future.

Modern days in Sri Lanka, Parents want their children to educate and settle in conventional types of jobs. But online jobs including social media platforms are quite new and unconventional types of jobs, especially in the Sri Lankan context. Hence, what is your idea about this?

Yes, but I always had a target and a vision. I committed and dedicated my time and chased after my dreams. Finally, I achieved what I wanted in life. Today I am very successful as an entrepreneur, marketer, writer, PR expert and CEO of Nextenco. I am confident in my skills and abilities. Before the age of 25, I achieved my life goals. What would happen if I followed the same rhythm as my parents told? Most probably I will be a student like others in my age. Therefore, the message I wanted to convey to the youngsters is first to accept what you are and build up confidence over what you do in life. You will be ended up in success. Therefore, I invite parents to become flexible in these matters and do not interrupt the path of their children if he is truly committed to the task.

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