Alexa doesn’t generally make it simple to play all that you need on your smart speaker, yet we found a workaround for some most loved playlists.

Tuning in to music is one of your Amazon Echo’s every day duties, notwithstanding sharing the climate and the hour of day. Yet, you may have seen that Alexa doesn’t get along with all your music administrations.

For instance, the Amazon Echo application won’t let YouTube Music or Google Play Music supporters tune in to playlists on your Amazon Echo. Be that as it may, you can in any case associate your iPhone ($699 at Apple) or Android telephone to your Echo speaker to tune in to any music streaming service of your decision. Here’s the secret.

Initially, you’ll have to ensure you’ve turned on Bluetooth on your telephone before you can start. When it’s on, state “Alexa, pair.”You’ll then see your Echo device show up on your Bluetooth device list on your phone.

Tap the Echo you want to connect to — for example, Katie’s Echo Dot ($40 at Amazon). When connected, Alexa will say something like “Now connected to Katie’s iPhone.”

At the point when you’re prepared to tune in to music from a help like Google Play Music or simply need to play YouTube sound on your speaker, open the application and select what you need to tune in to. The sound will at that point begin spilling from your Echo speaker. In the event that you can’t hear the music, ensure the volume is turned up on your telephone (and on your Echo, obviously).

To disengage from your speaker, you can kill the Bluetooth on your telephone, separate from your Echo in the Bluetooth settings or state, “Alexa, disconnect.” Alexa will affirm it separated by saying, “Now disconnected from Katie’s iPhone.” That’s it! Presently you can tune in to music from any streaming service, regardless of whether it’s not upheld by Amazon.

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