He is the founder of Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction, whose ingenious treatments have led patients to fulfilling lives.

Getting addicted to a certain thing is easy, but to come out of the same and overcome the issues relating to addiction may even take years for some patients. The opiate crisis, which is the misuse of prescription and non-prescription of opioids, where these medications also lead to high addictions, has been on the rise. In America, we came across one revolutionary medical doctor named Dr Russell Surasky, a triple-board certified in neurology, addiction medicine, and preventative medicine, who through his innovative, safe and non-addictive treatments have been changing the game for treating patients with addictions. He says certain prescription drugs like the opioids can lead to changes in the brain, causing powerful cravings.

Hence, Dr Russell Surasky came up with and discovered revolutionary addiction treatment methods and has been helping people with his Vivitrol treatments, spinal treatments, and other early-stage detox medications to provide patients with a permanent solution to addictions, helping change their lives for the better.

For those who are preparing to change, there are three keys to addiction recovery that Dr Russell Surasky explains can help people in their addiction treatment journey.

  • Keep reminding yourself to change: Dr Russell Surasky says that people must consistently remind and tell the various reasons to themselves to change. This will keep them motivated to take the necessary steps towards improvement and addiction treatments.
  • Understand what worked and what didn’t: Dr Russell Surasky, the medical director at Bridge Back to Life, which is a multi-center outpatient addiction treatment program to help people come out of their addictions to opiates like fentanyl, says that people must think of the many past attempts they made for recovery and understand what worked and what didn’t.
  • Set specific and measurable goals: It is essential for people to set specific and measurable goals for recovering from their opiate addictions. Dr Russell Surasky says people must keep a start date or limits on their consumptions. This will help them in their journey to get addiction-free faster by focusing on their goals.

Dr Russell Surasky also serves as a chief physician and consultant to many addiction centers on Long Island. He has shown his excellence also as a national speaker on opiate and alcohol addiction. His program and innovative approaches in addiction therapy have given highly effective results to patients, helping people lead happy and fulfilling lives. Connect with him now through his website, https://www.drsurasky.com/ to know more.

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