On Wednesday, Twitter announced that paid users would be able to send longer tweets. Therefore, Blue subscribers can post tweets with up to 4,000 characters in length rather than the standard 280 characters. Quoted tweets and replies are subject to the same limit. According to Twitter, individuals can post media such as images or videos in addition to lengthy tweets.

All users will be able to read lengthy tweets, even though only subscribers to Twitter Blue can do so. The timeline will only display the first 280 characters; if you want to read more, click “Show more” as shown in the tweet below.

People who purchase subscriptions may be tempted to post longer tweets rather than threads as a result of the format’s introduction. However, with non-Blue users continuing to post threads, this may become muddled and perplexing.

Additionally, Twitter stated on its Blue support page that ads for Blue subscribers will soon be cut in half. Elon Musk has previously mentioned the possibility of a more expensive ad-free subscription plan.

In the past, Twitter Blue also made it possible to post videos that are 60 minutes long. Naturally, there will be a cost if Musk wants bloggers and video makers to post their content on the platform.

In addition, India, Brazil, and Indonesia were added to Twitter Blue, making it available in 15 markets. Twitter Blue costs 650 rupees ($7.87) per month in India, far more than other subscription services like YouTube Premium, Spotify, or Apple Music. The latter all come in at less than $4 per month. For comparison, the highest tier plan on Netflix costs 650 yen per month and lets you watch the streaming service on four screens in 4K quality.

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