If you haven’t heard of Sneaker Kitchen and Justin Melnichuk then you could be missing out on some of the latest and most stylish sneakers on the market. Despite being only 16 years old, Justin Melnichuk has successfully developed an online business for reselling sneakers to stores and individuals alike. For 4 years now, he has worked tirelessly to create a reputation for himself and it has paid off, with Sneaker Kitchen making a whopping 1.4 million in sales in 2021 alone.

When he was only 12 years old, Justin Melnichuk became inspired to join the sneaker reselling community due to the success of other notable figures such as Benjamin Kicks. He saw the collaborations that he was doing with celebrities such as DJ Khaled and made it his mission to find out more about the sneaker community. After buying and reselling his first few pairs of sneakers, he realized what an amazing community he had the opportunity to be a part of and Sneaker Kitchen took off from there. Now, Justin adds Jake Paul, Marcelas Howard, G-Eazy, De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Mozzy, and more to his list of customers.

 The process for Justin is as simple as buying an in-demand pair of sneakers, taking a photo, and uploading it to his Instagram story. From there, stores and individuals have the opportunity to send him a direct message asking to buy the shoes. He then spends 3-4 hours in the warehouse after school each day packing and sending the sneakers to the US and UK. He is careful to balance his school life with his highly promising professional life and is diligent about sticking to a schedule that ensures he completes all of his tasks each day.

People in California and across the US now know that Justin Melnichuk is the number one sneaker reseller. With this online success encouraging him to take his business further, Justin is opening a physical store location for Sneaker Kitchen in Sacramento California this year. He also plans to open locations in other US states, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami Florida. He hopes to become the top sneaker reseller in the US and his dedication to his business demonstrates that he is likely to succeed in this mission. No matter what kind of sneakers you are looking for, Justin Melnichuk is the man to see.

Find him here:

Personal IG – @justinmelnichuk

Professional IG – @sneakerkiitchen

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