Add ABC to the rundown of brands that have dumped their 3D personalities and gotten back to a conventional level realistic logo. (Think Pizza Hut, Subway and Burger King, all of which as of late returned to basic logos that are a bit more moderate and keep away from additional twists or surfaces.)

The organization worked with marking office Trollbäck to concoct the revive, which dispatched live during the “Single woman” finale Aug. 9. ABC is carrying out the plan across its different divisions, including on the web, and is likewise working with its offshoots to change their logos to incorporate the refreshed ABC look.

“We felt it was time to evolve the overall look of the network to make it more vibrant, modern and fresh,” says Shannon Ryan, president, content marketing, Hulu and Disney General Entertainment (which includes ABC). Ryan calls it “a new, bold and elevated look that visually represents our strategy and our diverse slate of programming. … We think we landed in a great place.”

The change probably won’t be promptly clear to the normal purchaser, as the new ABC logo keeps up with a similar fundamental style created by creator Paul Rand in 1962. Be that as it may, subsequent to giving the ABC ball a few lustrous revamps throughout the long term, including different reflections and gleams, it’s currently back to straightforwardness. Most perceptible is presumably the slight shrinkage of the lowercase “a-b-c” letters inside the logo. The circles situated inside those three letters are currently the reason for the organization’s new ID movement framework.

Ryan says the overhauled logo is likewise more adaptable graphically, which is especially significant in this computerized age, where certain embellishments don’t interpret also on little screens. The new look is intended to be more neat when contracted to fit decoration program menus or web-based media applications.

In the wake of accepting yellow twenty years prior during its “television Is Good” period, ABC has utilized red, white and dark as its shading range for the beyond 18 years, and that will proceed — however it will likewise be modernized with angles and a large number of optional shading ranges. What’s more, for the text style geeks out there, Ryan affirms that ABC will presently utilize Heldane and GT America, which she considers “timeless, unique and bold, as well as very versatile.”