His long list of credentials also includes founding Seiwasser – Art of Life, a program including effective techniques for the alignment of mind, body and soul.

Year after year, we may be witness to the many astounding success stories that have been created across various niches. Ever wondered what could be that one thing that may have helped these individuals attain exceptional success? Well, Yasin Seiwasser, a world-renowned mental and life coach, German MMA Champion and practitioner for 30 years in mind-body techniques meditation, breathing and mental training, as a self-taught man believes that nothing beats persistence. He says that no odds can ever be big enough in life if people work towards their goals with commitment and persistence. This is also one of the reasons why he has attained this level of success with his noble and genuine aim to turn people’s lives 360 degrees by improving their mental, physical and emotional health. Yasin Seiwasser is the proud founder of his brand, ‘Seiwasser – Art of Life’, which is a 7-levels program that promises people to help them in aligning the mind, body and soul.

He is also a proud German MMA Champion, whose passion started for training at the age of eight and ever since he knew his true calling, he ventured deep into the industry, going ahead in making a world record with the fastest knockout in 3 seconds for the title fight. Yasin Seiwasser has also learned many different martial arts styles in 35 years of practice. He went ahead to become the bodyguard to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and remained a coach for several years for Olympia and Professional athletes like Champions and World Champions.

Yasin Seiwasser has also been a two-time Guest of honour and Trainer at Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior Camp. He has served as the teacher of the biggest Women’s group worldwide (over 1000 women) in India – Mumbai, in the school where the famous Oscar movie “Slum Dog Millionaire” was filmed. Not just that, in the history of the Japanese Zen, Yasin Seiwasser was honoured as a non-monk and taught in the largest Zen monastery in Latin America.

His Seiwasser – Art of Life program consists of Meditations, Zen, Kriya Yoga, Physical Training, Mental Training, Chi Kung, Martial Arts and so many other self-discovered new and powerful techniques. Yasin Seiwasser has earned great trust and respect from people for teaching the right techniques and practices through his program, where he has helped people become the master of their life.

Wish to connect with him? Visit his website, https://seiwasser-artoflife.com/, and follow him on Instagram @yasin_seiwasser. Also, follow him on YouTube, https://youtu.be/2El7KuuCDGQ, Twitter, https://mobile.twitter.com/yasinseiwasser?lang=en and Facebook, https://m.facebook.com/yasinseiwasser/.

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