In an effort to provide passengers on international long-haul flights with an outstanding experience across all cabin classes, Air India has unveiled a number of guest enhancements following a period of negative press coverage.

On medium- and long-haul international flights beginning in mid-2024 when its A350-900 enters international commercial operations, the airline unveiled new amenity kits, a plush and environmentally friendly bedding update, as well as new chinaware, cutlery, and glassware—all of which are detailed below.

Amenity kits by Ferragamo for First and Business classes

Amenity kits created especially for Air India are a product of the renowned Italian luxury fashion house Ferragamo. Ferragamo body lotion, hand cream, lip balm, cozy socks, a plush eye mask, and a specially created Air India memento are all included in each First and Business class kit, which is housed in a custom presentation bag featuring distinctive motifs honoring various Indian printing styles. An Eau de Parfum is an added bonus with the First Class kit. As part of Ferragamo’s new brand identity, Air India is the first airline in the world to offer amenity kits.

High-end Economy amenity package from TUMI

Redesigned to feature the Air India Red color and include skincare essentials from the well-known Swedish brand Verso, Air India’s award-winning amenity kit for Premium Economy travelers is now available. Economy class amenity kits, which are only available on extremely long-haul flights, come with an eye mask, socks, and hand lotion. They are composed of high-grade, reusable, recyclable Kraft paper.

TUMI offers eco-friendly, cozy sleepwear.

The redesigned and award-winning loungewear by TUMI offered by Air India will remain available to First and Business class guests. With extra softness and breathability provided by a blend of recycled materials and cotton, Air India’s TUMI loungewear combines style and sustainability as primary concerns. Additionally, for maximum comfort in the air, first and business class passengers will receive luxurious velour slippers.

Bed linens that are luxurious, eco-friendly, and cozy

Custom-made and designed linen, inspired by the airline’s new global brand identity, will be provided to First and Business class guests of Air India. This includes durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly custom duvets and mattress toppers made of high-quality, multi-layered materials that improve long-haul traveler sleep.

Made specifically for Air India in its new look, the First and Business class blankets are composed of a premium wool blend. The intricate jacquard border and the motif draw inspiration from Jammu & Kashmir’s traditional Sozni embroidery. The world’s only airline, Air India, will provide blankets blended with wool in First and Business class.

Premium Economy and Economy A twill weave cabin blanket created to showcase the new brand elements will provide warmth and comfort to visitors.

The Experience of Dining and Setting the Table

Chinaware: The exquisite line of chinaware combines sturdy, lightweight materials with subdued brand elements like India-inspired designs and elaborate Mandala patterns to create an opulent and culturally rich dining experience. A delight to visitors from all over the world is the distinctive salt-pepper cruet set in a gold finish, shaped like a tiffin box and inspired by India. Specialized copper-gold thalis for Indian meals are served to first class guests.

Meals in Premium Economy will be served in versatile glasses, side plates, and bowls with etched Mandala patterns made of lightweight melamine material.Cutlery and Glassware: Guests traveling in business class will be served opulent, lead-free glassware from Slovakia that features infinite transparency because it is made with a rare, premium erbium element. A more luxurious dining experience will be provided by exquisite stainless-steel cutlery with hollow handles that save weight. (IANS)

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