Monetizing online platforms like YouTube through faceless monetization YouTube channels is a trick budding entrepreneurs must learn from White.

Technology is vital in today’s day & age where everything is done with the tip of the fingers. Everybody wants their things to get done faster, whether it is about booking a salon session online or buying groceries, etc. This technology-driven world also provides ways through which one can earn from the various online platforms. Nowadays, people do not search for jobs outside, because they get everything from the online world. One such fantastic medium is YouTube. Yes, the craze for this medium is still the same the way it used to be even a few years back. People still earn millions from the millions viewership they garner through their channels on YouTube. One such vibrant & intelligent 20 year old young man is Kody White. Hailing from Avondale, Arizona, this young American lad is someone who had decided while he was in his early teens that he would become a businessman.

The idea that generated his aim to start doing a business came in when he started making gaming videos when he was still 14 years. An idea that was initiated only for fun soon turned into something that bought millions to White. After realising that this business could see a jump in the future & make him earn a lot of money, he started growing his cash cow channels on YouTube.

It was in 2018 that he created two channels on YouTube that made him turn into an entrepreneur. He discovered many aspects of YouTube that could help people monetize the online medium with faceless YouTube monetization channels. This helped him cash in some good money & he realised the power of the online medium. 

After gaining 100 million views for the first time on his channel, White received his first significant amount of $50K a month when he was only 18 years of age. This encouraged him to start 20 cash cow channels on YouTube. White gained success for each of his channels & so he decided to dive into creating a channel called YTMoney. This channel has been created by him to provide a course for other aspiring entrepreneurs to earn as much money as White has managed to make till now. Where other YouTubers hide their trade secrets, White wants to share the tricks with youngsters to make them financially independent & give them a steady income source through YouTube. This channel of his will make others build their own cash cow channels & make money out of it.

This guy who has already scaled his empire to $100,000 a month is already keeping his aim high for the future with setting the goal to earn $1,000,000 a month. It wouldn’t be surprising to see White achieve the same as his record till now has been only on the rise. With the confidence with which White is climbing the ladder up to become even more successful, he is definitely one of those gems who is setting the right example to youngsters.

He also advises the younger brigade to set realistic goals & accept the fact that there are going to be failures in a business, but losing hope is not the answer; instead one should get up every time they fall & take the leap of faith to climb the ladder to success.

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