Recently migrated, A&L Fashion is a competitor adding to the prospering style industry in Adams County.

A&L Fashion started its foundations as an online shop in 2019.

“I have a grandson, and I got so tired of having to go to the city to try and find clothes. Around here, there’s really no place you can get children’s clothes. So, I decided to open up my own. I looked around, and that’s how it all began. I did a lot of research on who the best wholesalers were, and who to use,” said owner Angie Lafferty.

In 2021, A&L Fashion tracked down its first actual area in the cellar of the old region at the intersection of North Cross and West Mulberry Street in West Union.

“I decided to move it because I needed more space, and I had some issues with flooding. It’s a basement. So every time it rained, water would come in. The last couple of times it got really bad I had a lot of product that was ruined,” said Lafferty.

Lafferty was offered a chance to move to a more positive space that would refute flooding issues and offered the space she needed for her sprouting business.

“It was previously a laundromat, so it was a mess. Melissa Parton, [who owns this building], had some laborers come in and get it ready. It’s excellent. It did take a little while, but it’s beautiful. The lighting is great, the space is excellent and so is the location,” said Lafferty.

A&L Fashion offers an enveloping choice of items to suit the necessities of the local area. While the possibility of the store came from a lacking accessibility of child garments, the store is outfitted with ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, frill, tumblers and grouped excellence items.

Sizes range from zero to eight in youngsters’ clothing and ordinary to larger sizes in grown-up apparel.

“I urge everyone to at least stop in and check us out. I’m always up for insight, too, of what other people think; I love hearing everybody’s ideas. Come check us out,” said Lafferty.

A&L Fashion is situated at 539 East Main Street in West Union and is open Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. furthermore, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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