When it comes to our work, we all want great results. But what’s the best way to achieve them? While some people might say it’s all about the tactics and strategies you use, ClickFunnels’ CEO Dave Woodward believes that culture is a key factor in driving success.  When culture is aligned with strategy, it can create a powerful force that drives performance. 

As a CEO, Dave emphasizes that it’s not enough to have a great product or service. The culture of the company must also be conducive to success. This means that everyone in the company must be on board with the goals and values of the organization. Culture fuels results by shaping how people think and feel about their work.  “It’s hard to be in love with the work if you don’t understand your customers. We make sure both our clients and employees really get who their client is, what pains they’re going through and how they can bring value to them,” he adds. 

It’s clear that Dave Woodward’s leadership tactics are effective as ClickFunnels’ continues to be the leading software for creating sales funnels. They have been experiencing unprecedented growth since they first launched in 2014. Their platform continues to help businesses of all sizes increase revenue and grow in size through online marketing campaigns that are easy to create with no coding skills or design knowledge needed. 

ClickFunnels prides itself in being more than just a tool for entrepreneurs, it’s an environment that fosters success. The company has always placed the client’s success above all else and provides training courses to help them run online businesses more efficiently including how-to videos on their platform.

Dave is not just an entrepreneur, he’s also a philanthropist. He believes in the importance of giving back to the community. ClickFunnels is a regular donor for Village Impact, an organization that provides access to education and leadership programs among others, to empower the youth in Kenya to dream big, and break free from poverty to reach their full potential. 

His customer and culture-centric approach is a refreshing change of pace in the world of entrepreneurship. By putting your customers first and focusing on creating a great company culture, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. 

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