The popular rapper and singer Guapo Miquel is based in Chicago. This is the place where he was raised by his single mother. Thanks to his father who has been away in Jail for the murder charge, he had to face a lot in his life. This has certainly made him serious and responsible from his early days. He was inclined towards music and thus decided that he would prove his worth in this domain only. He was born as Micheal Morris but now he is more known as Guapo Miquel. 

In a sense, it has become its brand in the music market. For him the music all started when he was merely 15 and he left no stone unturned to keep things in his side by getting into his skills the best. He started performing in local events and concerts that gave him the chance to get exposure along with polishing his skills. He then started working on developing his own songs and raps that helped him to gain big in the industry. 

Talking about his earlier work, New Narcotics has been his popular album,which has won hearts of many.  It did bring too many viewers and audience and thus proved excellent in his work. Well, this also helped him to start working for his next venture, which is called Go Guap. He is now leaving no stone unturned to sharpen the skills and allowing everyone to wait for it so that it can turn a big magic for all. He is confident that his work would be not less than a treat for his audience. 

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