Prior in the week, Nintendo turned out form 1.4.0 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Seemingly the most energizing piece of this subsequent summer update for some, players was the arrival of dreams.

For any individual who is curious about with this component – dreams permit players to visit each other’s islands whenever. In dreams, nothing is perpetual – in contrast to a genuine visit to somebody’s island.

As you can envision, players have been sharing and visiting islands (in their fantasies) relentless since this update was discharged, yet as per a story over on Polygon, Nintendo is presently taking a “aggressive” approach towards players who share islands containing any indication of “cheating” or “cheating” by erasing the dream upload.

Accordingly, players abusing the game’s client understanding have been accepting messages, for example, the one above from Nintendo.

One player who got a message like this thinks they were restricted because of their island including Star Fragment Trees.

Different players are posting via web-based networking media how they have gotten a similar message.

While dreams can be accounted for, it is highly unlikely right now to request the choice if your island is erased from this piece of the game – and recognizably, Nintendo says the choice is final.

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