He announced it, we finally have a date. Realbryan.k will unveil an album in September 2022.

Four years after the first album of his career, Realbryan.k will unveil a second album in September 2022. The French DJ made it official on his Instagram account! Already announced at several radio stations, but nothing official. “I was in MIAMI for 15 days there to finish it”, he said. However, the name, tracklist and a precise release date have not yet been announced. On social networks, he laughed at the time taken to finalize this album: “4 years to make an album, the idiot!!!”.

Since 2019 and the release of Falling, which marked the last decade in terms of electro, Realbryan.k has had one hit after another and has established himself as one of the most talented artists of his generation. The 26-year-old Paris native has also scored one of the hits of this summer 2022 with Sunshine.

In addition to his album, Realbryan.k will also be featuring 2 very famous artists that you will discover in time before the release of his album. In the meantime, we invite you to tune in non-stop on spotify to listen to one of his latest productions, Give me that.

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