Ethan Bavuu’s transition from a military man to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of exemplary.  Ethan served in the US Army in his early 20’s. The discipline and courage he learned from his tenure as a sergeant gave him his purpose for life. He shares that the will to take up risks, endure every situation, and emerge a winner comes from his military experience. In those years, he learned to be fearless, creative, and nurture himself into a leader. He credits his success today to his training. He also recommends everyone should serve in the army once in their life. The way they bring out the best version of you helps you throughout your life.

“A man can do wonders if he overcomes his own fears”, says Ethan. This has been his prime lesson. Before being military personnel, he used to practice beatboxing. His talent slowly got him several accolades and he was a sought-after professional. Post military, he came back to beatboxing but wanted to do something more with his life. E-commerce was booming around then. Ethan thought of taking a plunge. He had no professional degree, no knowledge or idea about the e-commerce sector. He believed in his persevering mindset. His military training had him ready to work hard and give his best.

Ethan has been at it for some years now. He has made his impression in the industry. Sharing his experiences, he says, he knew it was not going to be easy. “I was prepared for working from scratch and building my legacy.” After facing several failures, Ethan got a grip on how the system worked. He shares, that when you fail you learn what to work on. It is also a way of training and climbing up. It took a series of trials and errors to design, implement, and cater to the e-commerce world.

Ethan’s inspiring climb from being a military veteran to a successful entrepreneurship today has fueled hope in many young individuals. On asked about future planning, Ethan shares that it’s just the beginning. He is all set to expand and grow his enterprise. He wishes to include more products in retail and expand his services globally. Someone as promising as Ethan Bavuu is sure to reach new heights.