Emily Regina, an Instagram model and Only Fans star, reveals her terrifying story that caused fear, stress and endless sleepless nights. The truth about being in the limelight can be horrifying, but she continues to spread positivity and hope to the women of the world.

An Instagram model boasting over 1.4 million followers has allowed her terrifying story out of the closet to make other women and influencers aware of the reality of her job.

Emily Regina is known for posting intimate photos online, using both Instagram and Only Fans as her main social platforms. But with that amount of followers and fans has made Emily have to pay a price for living out her dreams. This became a sad reality when one evening the model found an unwanted visitor standing outside of her house in the early hours of the morning. This stalker began turning up on several occasions, sending online messages and even leaving gifts outside of her door.

Emily said, “Stalkers are a real problem when having an online presence and it needs to be taken more seriously. People should not have to suffer and experience this just because they choose to post content online.” Although everything has died out recently after having police involvement, Regina admits that she still has nights of pure fear in case this person comes back again.”

On a lighter note, Emily admitted that she often goes through her message requests on Instagram and has definitely been asked some weird requests from fans. One included, “Can you send me a video of yourself naked and eating sushi?”. After a long laugh, she told us how the online world can be daunting and scary and opens doors to people that take advantage.

As a young model and aspiring entrepreneur, Emily Regina works hard on her online content and brand to provide for herself and her family, as it is her ultimate dream to be able to pay them back for everything that they have done for her. “Women shouldn’t have to pay this price for following their dreams. It is unacceptable and can be really uninspiring and demotivating to some women to receive such horrifying messages. We should not have to suffer at the hands of jealousy!”

Regina continues to spread positivity, happiness and confidence on Instagram and Only Fans. Despite dealing with such a horrifying situation, she wishes to remind young women online to be careful and safe. “But don’t let this ruin your dream chasing. Other people should not have the opportunity to knock you down and divert you from your original plans. Stay strong, confident and happy and you will succeed.”

Emily Regina speaks of her future and all that she wants to do, however, highlights the great importance of using her platform to leave a legacy behind for all of those women and young girls. “I just want women to believe that it is always possible to manifest dreams and build their futures! And no matter what obstacles get in the way, know that you are always worth it and you can get through anything that you put your mind to.”