Disney + Hotstar will host the premiere of the highly anticipated Malayalam film Manjummel Boys, which dominated the box office this year!

The movie that broke all records, “Manjummel Boys,” will soon be available on Disney+ Hotstar. The wait is a little bit longer even though everyone anticipated a May 3rd release. Make sure to reserve a spot for Sunday, May 5th, so you can take part in this exciting adventure.

It’s not just any movie, “Manjummel Boys.” Having made over Rs. 235 crore worldwide, it is the highest-grossing Malayalam film of 2024! It’s also the first Malayalam movie to ever make more than 200 crores.

The film was well-received in Telugu as well, grossing Rs. 12 crores upon its April 6th release. The good news is that Telugu fans can now watch it on Disney + Hotstar from the comfort of their homes, along with the Malayalam version.

The incident that inspired “Manjummel Boys” actually occurred in 2006. A group of friends from Kerala travel to Tamil Nadu’s Guna Caves for their vacation. But when one of them becomes stuck inside a cave, their fun takes a dangerous turn. The film chronicles the incredible efforts made by his surviving friends to save him. This survival thriller has received praise for superb direction from director Chidambaram.

Disney+ Hotstar is already a well-liked destination for fans of Malayalam cinema. The platform already has popular films like “The Recent Love,” “Abraham Ozler,” “Kannur Squad,” and many more. With “Manjummel Boys” added to the roster, Disney+ Hotstar is evolving into a one-stop destination for the greatest Malayalam filmmaking.

The wait is almost over for the OTT release of “Manjummel Boys,” though there was some confusion about it. Disney+ Hotstar acquired the rights, which makes it a valuable addition to their library. Now, fans of Malayalam films can watch “Premalum” and two of the biggest hits of the year on the same platform. Thus, in anticipation of “Manjummel Boys” on May 5th, get your subscription ready and get ready to be gripped!

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