Rana Lincoln Das was born in Kharagpur, West Bengal. This is quite far away from Kolkata but still a very busy place. He grew up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, and continues to maintain a decent amount of time with his friends and family from all these places, this is, I am sure you will agree, a very good characteristic and personality trait. Rana Lincoln Das stays pretty busy these days because he is doing a lot of things, making inspirational speeches, acting, modeling, being a managing director in Goa, and so much more. yet he never forgets that apart from all this he has a life which he has to live and this life is not to be lived alone but with the people whom he loves and admires.

Just because you haven’t got what you want in life yet, doesn’t mean that you won’t. And it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen a lot sooner than you think. Rana Lincoln Das never had an idea as a young man that he would be an actor, model and inspirational speaker. It happened very quickly, all due to his unending efforts. You don’t have to be the greatest to live the greatest. Life is not about achieving the most, climbing the highest, winning the race. Life is about living and this young man has lived, in Kharagpur, Jamshedpur, Patna, and so many other places. In the process of living his life, he has now settled down in Goa to take care of his business and his grandfather, and continues to be very successful in more than one field of career.

Rana is a managing director of NLP Private Ltd in Goa and works in Sandalwood as well. He had a lost dream in the field of sports, particularly cricket. He couldn’t continue because of a major injury. So, instead of sulking over that he decided to just focus on his life, his education and building his personality. This worked out Great for him! He got the chance to work in Jamshedpur for his first job but then decided to work in his maternal Grandfather’s company since he had returned in Goa after many years. This took a turn, and he had the opportunity to work in a movie too. Now, he just has too much on his plate. All this is too interesting, the work is hectic but never overwhelming.

Rana Lincoln Das proved that there’s nothing that you can’t overcome with true motivation by your side.