The wolf might not be the king of the jungle, but its ferocity, resilience, and alpha nature make it a distinctive animal. Little wonder Lara Rahib had earned a worthy nickname in the realm of e-commerce as “the Ecom Wolf.” Her story reveals that tenacity coupled with determination is a catalyst for success.

Lara’s mark in the sphere of eCommerce is a clear indication that there is no limit to possibilities. From her struggling beginnings to hitting a 6-7 figure revenue, there are many lessons to be learned from the person who would not be stopped by Amazon and went on to own her website and went from food stamps to 1.3 million dollars..

The Middle Eastern Gem

Her family left the Middle East and moved to the United States when Lara was only one years old. The energetic young woman got a degree in biology, she also worked in various capacities as a salesperson, honing skills that would be an asset in her future businesses.

Lara worked in Real Estate for five years, dedicating her excellent selling skills to home sellers and buyers. Real Estate created an opportunity to venture into e-commerce and ultimately made Lara a teacher, consultant, and role model to individuals seeking to navigate e-commerce.

Breakthroughs and Philanthropy 

The story of “the Ecom Wolf” is not rosy; at some point in her life, she lived on food stamps and battled unemployment. Her parents, though aged, were still working and battling health challenges that motivated her to change the circumstances of her family.

Amazon became a breakthrough for Palestine-born Lara as she joined the platform and made over 500,000 dollars in her first year. The boundless opportunities this phase provided allowed her to retire her parent from work in 2017. 

One distinguished fact about the eCommerce consultant is her generous heart and philanthropic inclination. Apart from teaching where she explicitly states the secrets behind her success in e-commerce, Lara does a lot of other good.

She became a consultant due to her desire to lift others caught in the 9-5 web. According to her, “People were begging me to help them, so I saw it as an opportunity to help others and become a consultant. Since then, I have continued to grow my brands and have grown deeper into consulting so I can help people escape their 9-5 jobs and experience a better life.”

She is also a wish grantor at the ‘Make a Wish Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with a critical illness between the ages of 2½ and 18 years old. 

She is involved in donating to pet shelters and donating toys to kids in need every Christmas. She is also involved in helping the LGBTQ community.

Starting Her Ecommerce Career

For the “Ecom Wolf,” starting eCommerce was a way to make money passively. She began her eCommerce business with the 50,000 dollars saved from her real estate career. She registered on Amazon and used the platform to connect to consumers. With experience in sales, it is not surprising at the success recorded in her first year. When her monthly income dropped from 30,000 to 4,000 dollars on the Amazon platform, Lara figured it was time to fly solo.

She moved her brand to her website and recorded an outstanding success that made others come to her for tutelage. As an eCommerce consultant, Lara spends her time developing courses and audio content that will help others seeking passive income from eCommerce. 

One advantage Lara had in the business was acquiring relevant skills during her time in sales that will give a quantum leap in her eCommerce career. In her words, “the game changer includes learning and getting mentored on how to build and scale FB ads, Pinterest ads, and google ads.”

Suppose you desire to join the thousands of individuals benefiting from her class and experienced teaching. In that case, you can send her an email at [email protected], follow her on Instagram @theecomwolf, or join her Facebook community at “The Wolves of Ecom.”

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