Latina pop star Paloma Rush has released her dance song, ‘Báilame’ and it has us dancing in the streets celebrating. Hailing from Monterey, California and Queretaro, Mexico, and born into a large musical family Paloma Rush has been singing like a bird since day one.  

“My family are like the Von Trap family in the ‘Sound of Music’. When we get together, we are harmonizing carols and playing various instruments. Throughout my career I have been in original groups, cover bands, done studio recordings, toured nationally, I’ve done it all!”

Her music, which is mostly up-tempo, fun, and sexy,balances between what’s trendy and what’s uniquely her sound, blending both English and Spanish catchy and meaningful lyrics.

About the song ‘Báilame’

“Báilame means “dance for me” and is about asking a man to prove himself. The guy in the song is all talk and I’m saying if you want to get with me, show me you can dance. A bit of a double entendre,” explained Paloma.

“When I first heard the Afrobeat, I fell in love immediately. It was made by G Flow, a producer in Los Angeles. Then I co-write the song with Francci Richard, one of the best songwriters I’ve worked with. The music video was created in Cameroon in Africa by a dance group called Afro Praise, who bring the authenticity to the overall vibe of what we set out to create. We wanted people to hear it and want to dance.”

Watch the Music Video:

Future Plans

Paloma has set some solid goals for 2022, “I am releasing new music every 6 weeks and plan to grow my fanbase so I can share my music with more people. I want to get out there and perform, and hopefully gain the support of a major record label.”

Listen to Báilame:

You can check out Paloma Rush on SpotifyInstagramWebsiteor YouTube

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