Ashley Plummer aka Scottie Armonie 2/21/1993

Hello Entertainment Paper Thanks For Having Me I Want To Achieve Awareness For My Independent Music and gain new fans!

I offer genuine honest music and marketing for my music with a honest and Christian based relationship with my supporters I make GREAT!! music and I promote it heavy!

I have a song releasing entitled “GODZILLA” Releasing On HiphopDx June 21St! It is hosted by DjPowerboyAllstar And Promoted by DjSuperStarJayy

I started basically as a child Ive been performing since I could walk there are home videos of me somewhere my “SCOTTIESQUAD” that’s what I call them are mixtures of all type of beautiful people

My father introduced me to music I’ve loved it ever since a young child and right now I’m chillin I’m in no rush because I know GOD will make me blow up the world!!

My personal growth would be that I’ve recently located my biological family that was a big milestone for me I had been Waiting for over 19Yrs. my business ventures are doing well I have many opportunities some like a connection to Drink Champs Or Fresh Cutz I’m working on it


short Term Steady Housing, I’ma drifter by choice I want to get myself a home now I want to trust myself long term to place any award of mine in Hecksher State Park museum in Huntington Long Island NY

To my Supporters Thee SCOTTIESQUAD and My Family Long Island And Entertainment Paper I LOVE YOU! #IDidIt!
Thank You!

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