Music is a driving force in many people’s lives. Performers, in turn, give their all to their craft. If there is one area of the arts that cannot be skimped on, it is music. A powerhouse in this arena is Lord Ivan.

Lord Ivan has many interests; these include investing, collecting art, and music. Though he has a deep appreciation for the entire industry, making music is his great passion. Lord Ivan began producing music as a teenager, and overtime connected with key players in the game.

With a primary influence being the house party scene in Switzerland, Lord Ivan proved to be an ambitious youth as he DJed and created his own house music while in high school. As the word circulated through the school, he got a taste of what it felt like to have others appreciate his music.

Lord Ivan had a few rapper friends as well who would ask him for beats. Spending time with these musicians led to Lord Ivan gaining more skill and eventually taking his music more seriously.

At this point, he was ready to establish his name in the industry. Lord Ivan has opened for 3-time Grammy winner Nelly at a sold-out performance. Some of his earlier tracks have been played at the world’s most famous nightclubs. But for Lord Ivan, none of this is about money. It is all about passion.

Already achieving success in the business world, Lord Ivan can treat music as love rather than a living. He has stated that his inspiration is seeing people from all cultures and walks of life simply gather to together and have fun. This force also drives him when performing in front of a crowd, as he feels that music is a source of motivation and inspiration.

Lord Ivan is powered by music in a symbiotic relationship, and his work influences the music scene. As passion and potential are major factors at work, it is easy to see that this performer has what it takes to reach the industry’s upper echelon.

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