Girish A.D. co-wrote and directed the romantic comedy Premalu, a coming-of-age story that is currently breaking box office records. Under the Bhavana Studios umbrella, Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, and Syam Pushkaran provided funding for the film, which was produced on a respectable budget of Rs 3 Crore and has already made approximately Rs 50 Crore.

After launching on February 9, Premalu is still enjoying great success in theaters throughout Kerala and other states. However, Premalu changed everything for the actress Mamitha Baiju. Rumor has it that Tollywood is also swarming the actress who played Reenu Roy in Premalu with opportunities.

Numerous Telugu film industry filmmakers are now contacting the actress, who also filmed for her first Tamil film. Telugu dubbing and release of Premalu is planned by Tollywood producers prior to the actress signing on and making her Telugu debut.

In addition to taking on acting and modeling gigs, Mamita Baiju, who was born in Kidangoor, Kottayam district, is currently pursuing an undergrad degree in psychology at Sacred Heart College in Kochi.

She played the role of Raji in the 2017 Malayalam film “Sarvopari Palakkaran,” which marked her acting debut. After that, she appeared in more than 15 movies in a number of other noteworthy roles. The actress’s fame and name reached entirely new heights as a result of Premalu’s triumph.

Rebel, a Tamil film that marks Mamita Baiju’s Kollywood debut, is one of her upcoming projects. After filming was finished, the film is currently in the post-production stage. She is currently reading several scripts from Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu directors, but she has not yet revealed the titles of her next movies.

The story of Premalu is about a young child who travels to Hyderabad to receive GATE coaching. He later makes Reenu his friend and develops feelings for her. Aadhi, a coworker of Reenu, a software worker, joins their relationship. The concept, setup, story, narration, performances, and theme of the film resonated with both young audiences and movie enthusiasts, and these elements were ably supported by a superb soundtrack, background score, and breathtaking cinematography.

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