Overwatch league consists of 20 city-based teams. It is a professional sporting league which has the best players of the game overwatch in the league. Players get a part of the winnings and revenue. Blizzard Entertainment has specially designed this league to not only use the league to promote the game but to also carry out regular playing seasons.  In this way the players are able to earn huge amount of money and the developers of the game are able to increase their profits. 

Blizzard Entertainment continued to expand the members of the team. Prominent members of the league are Boston Uprising, London Spitfire, New York Excelsior. They all have exceptional game playing members. The overwatch league is its offseason. However, there are drastic changes being made in the league. Just recently the NYXL announced that they are not going to renew their contract with MEko. Meko has been a silent carry of the NYXL team. He joined the team 2 years ago during the first season of Overwatch.

Meko made an extraordinary entrance in the team during the inauguration season of the game. However he had slowed down in performance with time. MekO just recently announced having his own agency. NYXL announced on twitter that they won’t be renewing the contract with MEko. They are parting ways with Meko on good terms. They have been thankful for his contribution to the team during the 2 seasons of the league.

NYXL has been a close-knitted team. All the other players of the NYXL team are still under contract. They have been quiet about this decision of NYXL. DPS Hwang has also left the team. Now Meko and DPS Hwang are playing as free agents. The overwatch league still recognize all the other members of the team as part of their league.

So Meko is a free agent now. What does that mean? Simply put, Meko can now join any team he desires in the Overwatch league. He can be a part of any team and play the game. There must be atleaste 8 players in every team. The NYXL team has to sort their matters with the few players who are about to retire. They only have 7 members who are signed to play the game. NYXL has decided to hire tryout players to complete its team.

Fans should not lose heart. Meko is only leaving the overwatch league NYXL team. He is not leaving the league. He is one of the top players of the league. It is speculated that other teams of the league are getting in contact with him to join them. Before the ink of his contract with NYXL dries out, he might sign a new contract with a new team.

NYXL needs to build synergy among its players. There is no point of having superstar team members who are under performing. They need to pull themselves up because one of their best players is no longer going to be part of their team.

We are all still guessing who is going to pick Meko in the next season. The team must have  heavy paycheck because he is an extraordinary player.

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