On February 2, 2024, Suhas’ most recent dramatic film, Ambajipeta Marriage Band, was released. The producers are now prepared for its OTT debut following its well-received theatrical release. Aha, a well-known OTT platform, has managed to obtain digital rights at a reasonable cost.

Produced by Dheeraj Mogilineni and Venkat Reddy under the banners of Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment, GA2 Pictures, and Mahayana Motion Pictures, the film is directed by Dushyanth Katikaneni, who is making his directorial debut. The movie has also been presented by Bunny Vas and Venkatesh Maha. In the lead roles of the movie are Suhas, Goparaju Ramana, Sharanya Pradeep, and Shivani Nagaram.

The film centers on the 2007 Ambajipeta village and tells the story of twins Malli and Padma. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, both of their lives were altered on their 25th birthday. You have to watch the movie to find out what unexpected happened. In addition, the film has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from both reviewers and audiences, with particular recognition given to Suhas and Sharanya Pradeep’s skillful acting.

The film has a duration of two hours and twenty-four minutes, and an IMDb rating of 6.9/10. In the meantime, the movie has received an 8.9/10 rating from BookMyShow, which has received about 19,6,000 votes.

When will the Ambajipeta Marriage Band by Suhas be released?

Speaking of its over-the-top (OTT) debut, Aha Video has acquired the Ambajipeta Marriage Band’s digital streaming rights. The film’s premiere is scheduled for March 1, 2024. According to earlier reports, the film will debut digitally during the middle of April. However, the movie is getting to OTT earlier than anticipated.

The movie showed a minor drop in attendance following its opening weekend, despite receiving favorable reviews and encouraging advance bookings. Ambajipeta Marriage Band took a little over $156.5 thousand to start their box office run. Day 2’s collection, which totaled $180.6 thousand, showed some growth. bringing its total revenue from the first week to $814,000.

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