Jones draws out the latest trends of the bar and nightclub industry in 2020.

Industries have abruptly evolved in the past decade, more so the nightlife and hospitality business. Youngsters have been drawn towards the glittery world of nightclubs, bars and dining to experience some sort of celebrity status, great company and exquisite music and food since the 60s. Miami is the dreamland when it comes to parties and nightlife, being renowned all over the world for the variety of nightlife and restaurant options; it makes people’s experiences as magical as ever. Offering such glamorous experiences to people through his portfolio of nightclubs and restaurants is a business tycoon named Roman Jones, the European-born who carved his own legacy in the vast industry of hospitality and nightlife and today, after 2 decades, is in a league of his own.

There are few trends that Roman Jones think can shape the bar and nightclubs industry in the coming future and most of them are in the right direction.

• Demand for healthier drinks: This may sound a bit weird at the beginning, but that’s true. Although people are taking out time to enjoy with their friends and family, they are also becoming more conscious of what they eat and drink, points out Jones. They want to resort to healthy drinking and want to enjoy low-calorie and low-alcohol drinks.

• Increasing trend of self-service: There have been some growing numbers of restaurants and nightclubs that offer alcohol vending machines, cocktails on tap, etc. Jones says that not all establishments have resorted to this option, but in the long run, it will prove to be a good choice for many high-volume bars and also better the customer experience overall.

• Trend for classic cocktails: It has been noted that people are demanding more of classic cocktails and go the old fashioned way of enjoying their drinks at nightclubs. This has become the growing demand of customers and party-goers and has led to a sort of resurgence of classic cocktails. However, Jones suggests that this also leads to a more complex process of making the drinks and is time-consuming. Hence, establishments must reduce their options and offer only the most famous classic cocktails.

Roman Jones has been in this competitive industry of hospitality and nightlife for more than 20 years and this has led him to become the nightlife and hospitality guru of Miami, owning an impressive portfolio that includes famous nightclubs and restaurants like Mokai, Kiki On The River, Mandrake, El Santo, Don Diablo and The Gramercy. Apart from these cool spaces, Jones is also planning to open another space called RÍO On The River, among many other projects as well.

Jones has been the managing partner of the Opium Group, one of the top-notch hospital conglomerates in the country. Attracting all the people from all around the globe with his hospitality offer, Roman Jones is one of the industry leaders who has taken the hospitality and nightlife industries at the forefront and has emerged as the leading entrepreneur in America.

You can follow him on Instagram @theromanjones

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