After Being Shot at 12 yrs old in the Face, IceWata Rock was given a new path in the streets. He mentions and implicates the gory situation for fans to understand his childhood lifestyle through his music.

Lance Smith is known from his hometown of Inglewood, CA as the music producer and dope rapper, IceWata Rock. Coming up surrounded by influences of the street life, he experienced his share of things that came with that upbringing. As he became older, he would utilize the lessons taught to him in the streets and combine it with his passion for music.

After the late Slim400 connected to the rapper’s music, he signed him to his record label,

IceWata Records. Soon after getting his deal, he would waste no time in keeping the flow of

quality music coming. He has since dropped a single called “Rock Head” a tribute to Slim 400, Icewata Rock also noted that he will be naming his album “Vincent”, with a self-produced track called “On My Way” icewata Rock’s music can also be found on all streaming platforms and have been released with accompanying music videos across YouTube and Vevo. Follow the new IceWata Records artist and stream his new singles while he works on more projects to continue his 2022 takeover

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