The Denver Mustangs appear as though a group that could either reach as far down as possible or seek a division title in 2023. They are the NFL’s most fascinating group this year. There are a lot of reasons why I think many of us are very nervous about the Broncos. How will Russell Wilson appear first? Will Sean Payton’s expertise help him recover?

How will his performance as head coach be? Was Drew Brees a bigger factor in his success in New Orleans? Is the roster of the Broncos good enough? Can this roster compete with the best in the NFL given that there does not appear to be a significant weakness? The Denver Broncos need to answer a lot of questions this year, and I think that’s why I think they will be the most interesting team in the NFL in 2023.

Denver appeared to be a team that was “just a quarterback away” for a number of years after Peyton Manning left the team. They burned through mediocre veterans like Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, Joe Flacco, Case Keenum, and Teddy Bridgewater. They additionally had two bombed draft picks in Paxton Lynch and Drew Lock. The Broncos thought they had acquired their quarterback when they traded for Russell Wilson in 2022.

After that, Wilson had his worst NFL season yet, and many people have questioned whether or not he can continue playing as a competent starter in the NFL. Things seem to be improving now, in 2023. Russell Wilson has returned to his normal playing weight after losing 15 pounds. This offseason, he has used his legs more. Even Sean Payton has stated that he believes Wilson will be closer to his numbers from 2020 and 2021 than his numbers from 2022.

However, many people aren’t investing in the Denver Broncos in 2023 because they are afraid of the unknown. The team appears to have a solid offensive line and effective playmakers in addition to a solid defense. The potential course of Denver’s season is what makes it so intriguing. This team is likely to win double-digit games and even compete for a division title, in my opinion, if they hit their stride and Payton and Wilson work well together.

If Russell Wilson is able to work within the offense, Sean Payton and Russell Wilson have a chance to be one of the best HC/QB duos in the NFL over the next few years. One of only three HC/QB duos currently in the NFL to have won a Super Bowl, Payton and Wilson have won at the highest level.

In 2021, Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford won the Super Bowl; in 2019 and 2022, Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes did the same. Wilson and Payton both have impressive pedigrees, but are they likely to get over the hump? That is where the Denver Broncos’ floor comes from in 2023. The Broncos are probably at their lowest point because Payton and Wilson are both well past their primes.

Russell Wilson isn’t obviously superior to he was in 2022 and maybe even the protection fails to meet expectations under Vance Joseph. Despite Denver’s five or six wins, the team once again has an insignificant year. The Denver Broncos are, in my opinion, the most intriguing team in the NFL this season due to the remarkable gap between their ceiling and floor.

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