Known by his stage name SRK, Shah Rukh Khan, has shattered box office and Bollywood records with his most recent hit, the comedy Dunki. The film centers on a group of friends who use a clandestine immigration scheme to relocate abroad. The film has received accolades for how well its talented cast balances dramatic and comedic moments.

Collider now reports that Khan’s most recent hit, Dunki, has made $55 million since its global theatrical release, despite receiving mixed reviews. The film is now the third-highest grossing picture in the star’s career. His $323 million total box office receipts for 2023 were also reported, setting a record for the star.

The Way Dunki Shows SRK Is Returning

The global theatrical release of Dunki and two other highly acclaimed films that Khan starred in in 2023 have helped to further elevate Khan’s career. The performer plays the lead role in both Jawan and Pathaan, which are action thrillers. His star power is demonstrated by the box office success of all three films, demonstrating his ability to work well in a range of genre films.

The actor’s success demonstrates how popular Indian productions are becoming globally. The loosely based-on-true story RRR, whose global box office success paved the way for other well-known theatrical releases, was a notable example of this. This indicates not just that Khan’s career is booming but also that the Bollywood industry as a whole is reviving due to a worldwide demand.

Khan has a lot of big roles this year, so it’s likely that he’ll star in more films like Dunki in the future. His next project is unknown, but it’s probably going to be as successful internationally as his most recent one. As more of his upcoming projects are released, this implies that he might appear on even more theater screens in the future.

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