The Egyptian EDM producer and head of Alexandria-based RetroCat delivers a rapturous Hip Hop-track release.

In the Middle East and elsewhere, New sounds have been experiencing something of a renaissance in underground music, as a new generation of DJs and producers finding their footing in these niches. 

Mahmoud Hesham has never cared much for the spotlight. The Egyptian DJ/producer’s sheer talent and genre-spanning productions have, to a degree, forced him to be, as more and more ears tune in, both locally and internationally. A staple of heavy-bass music within the Egyptian scene, SHELNZ is, quite widely, considered one of the best on the scene. 

Mahmoud Hesham (born March 30, 1991, in Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian musician, arranger, EDM Producer, who works almost exclusively with electronic instruments. known professionally as SHELNZ While he’s, of course, far from being an up-and-comer, Alexandria-based Egyptian music-maker, SHELNZ is one such fan, as per his new track, ‘The Way She Walks.

Released on Alexandria-based record label, RetroCat Production, the One-track piece is nothing short of his previous album ‘All Colors‘ madness, made all the more mad by his own touches and twists!

Kicking off with the title track, an airy pad offers a plush intro, till the SHELNZ offers his own take on the amen break, Distinctive electronic guitar style. The track pulsates with automation that keeps everything constantly on the move alongside melodic keys. 

The Way She Walks’, meanwhile, goes harder with percussions that unapologetically boom into your ears. 808’s give the track a fuller body alongside the Saxophone, while arpeggiated keys add the ‘funk’ to the ‘The Way She Walks’ Which was released at the beginning of this year, also plays the role of closer. It almost feeds off the precious track, using similar-sounding pads and percussion patterns, though he lets himself run wild with the 808s.

As the head of RetroCat, a Record label, that offers artists from across the world space to do their ‘thing’ without limits, SHELNZ’s own musical voice is a welcome entry for 2022, a reminder of the irrepressible energy, and a new track that would do well on any DJ’s setlist.

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