Redjak is a Chicago-born hip-hop artist, who is quite literally the Jack of all trades. Not only does he perform, but he also writes his own lyrics. With inspiration stemming from, not only, the Best of Hip Hop Artists now, but from his own life experiences. In 2011, he began to take music more seriously and welcomed his first single Unusual.

Since then, he has released about 15 songs and has continued to thrive in the industry. Success is no stranger to Redjak with his latest release of SHIT TAPE 2. Featuring hit songs Voices, Slurred Flow (ft Bfb Da Packman), Baby Flow, and 50 Flow. With the help of many talented names such as Cash Money AP, Mia Jefferson of RaTalent, Pharaoh Beatz, and DJ Diamond. Redjak has yet to reach the pinnacle of his career and still has accomplished many feats. Nothing short of greatness will come from the rapper, as a successful and prosperous career is in full effect.

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