If you think you can fly solo on an espionage mission, you’re either:

  1. Overly ambitious, or
  2. Utterly reckless

However, when it really comes down to it, you could play both a and b to your advantage. What makes a good spy? Hiding in plain sight, lurking in the shadows, overly redundant preparation – a fancy Fedora, trench coat, and an air of mystique, since we are putting it all out there – and a good exit-the-building strategy. But the true mark of a seasoned spy is doing all of the above on one’s own.

But when you are after a veteran who’s ten steps ahead of you, the kind who knows your next move before you and always sees you coming, you need a team to flank you.

The stakes are high.

Margin of error? Nonexistent.                                                                                                                          

But even with allies, for a team op to be successful, everybody needs to set their differences aside and get on the same page.

What happens, pray tell, when the team’s history is too deep to ignore?

What happens when Veronica rushes head-on into an ill-conceived op to hunt down her ex-boyfriend Kevin who betrayed her and the Agency? When she blackmails Petra, Kasem, and Carlos into being part of her team, how can they all work together? Will they be able to capture Kevin in the midst of a power struggle over a major business deal with links to Chinese intelligence?

That’s right. The Ahriman Legacy is back! Even more action packed than before. This time, the team grapples with shades of the past to save their future.

The mission requires courage, tactical thinking – and, most importantly, teamwork.

Let’s discuss the importance of keeping personal conflicts and emotions in check while pursuing a mission.

Eye on the prize.

On an important mission every minute counts. The last thing you want is for a grievance to hinder progress. If you have been a fan of the Ahriman series, you are well aware of the unprecedented dangers Petra Shirazi has encountered. She has escaped countless perils with swift decision-making and single-minded focus. Team members should ideally be on the same page and willing to put their lives on the line for their comrades. With more obstacles waiting ahead of them, the team needs to act as a unified front.   

The skeletons in the closet.

Veronica meets her ex-boyfriend, a sleazy traitor to her back in his Agency days. Yet, he leaves her with a warning. That the Russian ex-president, Ilya Rasskazov, wants her dead. After a swift escape, Veronica is hell-bent on capturing Kevin and bringing him to justice.

She needs help.

Tensions are high from the start after Veronica uses Kasem’s past to coerce Petra into joining the op. Team members Petra, Carlos, and Kasem (who reveals himself to be the Ahriman) try to put their differences aside and commence their mission.

At the same time, Veronica’s single-minded focus on Kevin blinds her to the political power struggle happening in the backdrop.

Will the team be able to set their differences aside and focus on the greater good? Will Veronica succeed in bringing Kevin to justice? Will Petra and Kasem be able to maintain their relationship with all the baggage that surrounds them?

Find out in Ahriman IV: A Reckoning From the Shadows.

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