A wide collector for the most part wouldn’t gain much from a quarterback concerning how to pursue the catch, yet Packers wide beneficiary Davante Adams says he profited from watching the manner in which Lamar Jackson moves with the ball in his grasp.

Adams said his 121-yard game on Monday night was propelled to some extent from watching Jackson’s exceptional game on Sunday night. Adams said he watched Jackson intently and was pondering how he could fuse a portion of the things Jackson does to assist him with working on in acquiring yards after the catch.

“I think I led the league or was second in YAC last year, so that was something I wanted to continue to improve upon,” Adams said. “I watched probably 25 minutes worth of Lamar Jackson highlights before the game. That’s not a joke, either. I’m being dead serious. I really did.”

Adams said he takes a gander at the manner in which Jackson maintains a strategic distance from tacklers and attempts to do a portion of exactly the same things.

“If he can do that I should be able to do half of what he’s doing out there as far as making people miss,” Adams said.

He’s a quarterback, yet Jackson is probably the best sprinter in the association, and Adams is astute to gain from him.

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