The language of music is something that touches every person, no matter what their age or preferences might be. People can prefer different genres of music, but it is still music that unifies us all. Its unifying effect can be soothing, but greater are those who believe in the power of not only listening to music but creating it. This might seem like an extremely difficult task in the beginning, but when a person is artistic and innovative enough, they are capable of combining emotions and notes in a manner that stirs individuals. Although many attempt to bring out the best of themselves while creating music, only a few are capable of doing it. one among them is Exit 5B.

The present generation loves exploring different genres of music but rap is something that never goes out of style. Unfortunately, people take up rapping as a profession only so that they can attend big gigs, and show off their popularity. These artists don’t last long in their line of careers. Exit 5B is different. Struggling his way to a respectable position, Exit 5B was only 13 when he first began writing his freestyle rap pieces. Born and brought up in Louisville, today he is popularly known as Rich Porter.

With this journey beginning in 2012, by participating in rap battles, Exit 5B earned quite the name. But there was a lot to be done, hence he did not stop there and went forward to collaborate with DJ MLK in 2016 to release his first CD called The H. This was very well received; hence a second volume was produced in 2017. Soon enough, people were recognising this rap artist who focused on the complexity as well as simplicity of the music, sharing perspectives of life and keeping people hooked.

Our generation is full of various mainstream ideas that stop artists from creating original music. This is not because these artists like motivation, it is because people prefer the mainstream genres and music patterns. However, it did not deter our professional artist Exit 5B from his path to give in and become unoriginal. His quality and standard of music have remained consistent throughout, becoming one of the most successful musicians. In his words, if an artist cannot show off his vulnerability while creating music, they will not be able to meet up to the quality. Self-expression through music is what originality means, and Exit 5B’s lyrics and beats reflect that.

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