Julio Lama is the native of the dominican republic. A spanish family man, Julio has made a big name for himself in the network marketing scenario in the world, by being one of the top 30 wealthiest network marketers in the world. Working for more than 20 years in traditional business models, he has acquired vast and invaluable experience over his tenure in business.

As the executive ambassador of total life changes, he has been able to bring employment to many people around the world.

Currently, total life changes employs more than 200k people and operates in 30+ countries and thus plays a vital role in bringing employment and prosperity to people.

He is also the founder of movimiento global 1NETE, and is one of the most highly regarded mentor in the MLM market. His education model is one of the most complete models to train young entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts in modern business models.

Julio believes in service and utter faith in god and thus, frequently works as a philantrophist by working for the general public welfare.

Recently, he also organised a holiday’s event for underprivileged children which was attended by 300+ kids.

When asked about its purpose and the idea behind it, the only humble reply that comes in the wake of the question is, “to please god!”.

Being a family man and a devoting lover of god, he believes that everyone deserves to live a worthy fulfilled life and if he can play a role in it, then it is no lesser than a service to god.

To connect with Julio on his path to success and salvation, follow him on his social handles,

Instagram: https://instagram.com/juliolama?igshid=3vjps9pwdkvp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julio.lama.18

You can also visit the official website of total life changes:

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