When he was just 16, he wanted to focus on social media, music, and notably the bodybuilding scene.

He was enthralled by the idea of mixing and merging sounds while spinning records.

Manolo’s powerful musical selections and influences are his audience’s therapy, therefore he never shied away from going deep.

Manolo has maintained the flame high throughout their career, winning the Male Newcomer DJ Category and the DJ World Awards 2016. He was also named one of the top ten influencers at the Hole in the Wall Conference.

His passion for music extends beyond his unique ability to blend sounds. His love of all things musical began as a child, when he used to attend numerous music festivals all around the world.

He was intrigued with spinning records by mixing and blending tracks. Manolo was never afraid to go too deep as his stirring musical selections and influences are his audiences’ therapy.

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