House music has been experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity,with artists like David Guetta, Tiesto, and Imanbekdriving it to the top of the singles charts. House music can be characterized by having a repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a tempo of 120 to 130 beats per minute, but the actual genre embodies so much more than just countable beats. House music is a joy affirming movement, and BLEAM is helping to evolve it. BLEAMis the musical creation of Persian American producer and DJ Ryan Eshaghi. Based in Los Angeles, BLEAM capitalizes on feeling rather than technicality, and that’s exactly what people are resonating with in his music.

Music is transportive – exceptional music brings the listener to another place. It creates a mood that the listener can envelop themselves in, and BLEAM is starting to transport people. In his transcendent new single Antigua,BLEAM evokes the Caribbean island of its title and transports you to a beach with a star strewn sky and thumping house beats shaking the sand beneath your bare feet. Since its release,the listener response to Antigua has been overwhelmingly positive. The track has been racking up high streaming numbers and was recently added to Spotify’s ‘Friday Crate Diggers’ playlist. Eshaghi aims to stir something within his listeners; he states that he believes;“The x factor in music comes from what people feel when they listen to your records or attend a live set.”

One of BLEAM’s many impressive achievements has been his involvement with Mixmash Records,the same musical pioneers who discovered Avicii. Eshaghi says of this accomplishment;“I’ve been pumped to have had the opportunity to sign two tracks this year to Mixmash Records. Some of their records have been huge songwriting inspirations for me.”BLEAM has performed support sets for electronic music giants including DVBBS, JOYRYDE,Firebeatz and Feed Me, all in the same year. With his addition to multiple high streaming playlists, BLEAM’s innovative and unique blend of underground danceis ready to set the House scene ablaze.

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