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If your looking for new music to jam out to, XTORMY’S new EP “EGOISM” is definitely worth checking out. The Chicago based singer has been working hard all year, and has finally delivered the music his fans have been waiting for. Xtormy is a multi-talented young man whose creative gifts branch into the area’s of singing, songwriting and dance. Ever since Xtormy was a young man, he has always applied himself in the arts.  Music, dance, and musical theater are just a few area’s where he developed his talents. 

Xtormy’s music is influenced by artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Motown, Darryl Coley, Fred Hammond and Judy Garland, which can be heard in his 2021 cross-genre EP “EGOISM”. The project is out now and is streaming on all platforms! 

The rising star is no stranger to the stage, as he has opened up for (and performed with) many well-known artists such as the Chi-Lites, Thea Austin, Debbie Allen and the multi-talented Grammy award winning Malik Yousef. 

The Chicago based artist is really looking forward to influencing and encouraging his fans to be themselves no matter what people say, and to love themselves beyond measure. This is the theme of Xtormy’s music, and his beliefs. When you finally yourself, BE YOURSELF! It is important to have the freedom to be who we are.

Ok, so what exactly is the EP “Egoism”? And why did Xtormy write it? Well, in his own words, the artist expressed that”My EP “Egoism” is a self expression of the life experiences of Xtormy. The freedom to be yourself and not change who you are is expressed in this fusion of pop, R&B, and dance music”. 

One of the songs on this new EP is titled “Jar The Floor”. Personally, we find that title very intriguing. I mean, don’t you? It definitely provokes curiosity! When we asked the singer to elaborate on what the song was about, he was excited to tell us the back story.  Xtormy said that “My grandmother used to wake me and my cousins up in the morning, and when she did she would always say: “Get up and do something! Nothing comes to a sleeper.” The meaning of this song simply means GET UP, and DO SOMETHING. The song references musicians and civil rights activist in the African-American community.

“Jar The Floor”.                – XTORMY

What are you waiting for? Go stream Xtormy’s new EP “EGOISM” right now! You can also follow him on social media using the handles below.
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