This is an Instagram Page having 2.5M Followers, this page has got a huge fan base in very short time of period. And they got a name that they are the largest film media IG page in whole South India.

In South India, there are more than 100 media pages, something like behindwoods, Galata, Indiaglizs and many other bigger media pages. But when they do live Interviews with Celebrities, they get only below 500 viewers for their lives. But whereas @all_cinema_update Page has above 15k viewers for their live Interviews. This is history in IG world of South.

The owner of the IG page All cinema Update name is Habib, He is basically born and living in Saudi Arabia but his native is India. He also said in a interview that his future aim is to become a kollywood director. He had already wrote many scripts in some famous movies. Including movies of the top heros of Tamil, Who are Rajinikath and Vijay.

We congrats him and his team to go more higher deserving places. Let us wait for @cinemalove_habi and @all_cinema_update to deserve the right place.

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