A person’s appearance is their biggest asset. And when it comes to appearance, the face marks the first impression on the individual. Taking care of your visage is a challenging task, and there are beauty routines specifically targeted to achieve this purpose. Having a fresh, youthful face is everyone’s dream, and it gives one the chance to live their lives confidently. These days, the field of plastic surgery has made such leaps and bounds that it is difficult to imagine a time when plastic surgery was not the norm. Dr. Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani, an eminent cosmetic surgeon from Saudi Arabia, has helped many people lead more fulfilled lives through the assistance of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Alqahtani began his journey as a cosmetic surgeon primarily to help people from all walks of life. He became well-known in Saudi Arabia through his efforts. “Shaping a person requires precision and great knowledge. Cosmetic surgery, therefore, can be considered a little more difficult than regular surgeries; you are not only fixing a person, but changing them. One small misstep can scar an individual for the rest of their lives,” says Dr. Alqahtani.

The 39-year-old surgeon has conducted several operations in his medical career of over ten years. The success of his surgeries has enabled him to make a name for himself and even allowed him a chance to showcase his work all over social media, garnering immense praise and approval from his peers and well-wishers alike. Dr. Alqahtani is regularly invited to be interviewed by the media on multiple talk shows and podcasts. “Due to the public and praiseworthy nature of my work, I have been able to become friends with several well-known bloggers and popular actors, and have good relations with people in the media,” says Dr. Alqahtani.

It is interesting to note that after his Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery, he didn’t feel the need to study further. “I love what I do. The chance to help people to look their best and, at the same time, help them boost their confidence is why I enjoy this profession,” says Dr. Alqahtani.

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