Hadi Zinati is one of the most successful and popular songwriters and composers of pop music in Iran who, in collaboration with prominent singers such as Sirvan Khosravi, Gersha Rezaei, Zaniar Khosravi and others, has created works that have many fans among the people of Iran and the world.  He is also the artistic director of Iham music group, which has brought Iranian music to the world level with its new and different style.

Hadi Zinati was born on May 12, 1364 in Karaj city.  He was interested in music since childhood and started playing the guitar at the age of 15.  During his student days, he chose computer engineering, but due to his interest in music, he did not finish his studies and entered the world of music.

In 2009, he entered the songwriting field by writing a song for the song “Tell Me Goodbye” by Sirvan Khosravi, and since then he has collaborated with various singers.  So far, he has written more than 200 songs for prominent Iranian singers, some of which are:

 – “Missing”, “Crazy”, “I miss you”, “I promise you”, “What happened” and “I want you” by Sirvan Khosravi

 – “You took my heart”, “I will die for you”, “My heart is stuck”, “Stay with me” and “I miss you” by Gersha Rezaei

 – “I will tell you my life”, “I can’t do without you”, “Forgive me again” and “My best day” by Zaniar Khosravi

 – “The best state”, “I want you to come back”, “The best friend” and “The best moment” by Kaveh Yaghmai

 – “Shaherzad”, “Qase”, “Parvaneh” and “Man and You” from Iham group

 – “I love you”, “When were you the best”, “The best time” and “The best job” by Horosh Band

 – “Be like me”, “Best feeling”, “Best work” and “Best day” by Sohrab Pakzad

 – “The best love”, “The best life”, “The best way” and “The best job” by Mohammad Alizadeh

 – “The best reason”, “The best friend”, “The best friend” and “The best work” by Ali Lahrasabi

 – “The best song”, “The best music”, “The best work” and “The best day” by Hamid Hirad

 – “Best Game”, “Best Luck”, “Best Job” and “Best Day” from Puzzle Band

 – “The best eye”, “The best lip”, “The best work” and “The best day” by Kasri Zahedi

 – “The best laugh”, “The best cry”, “The best work” and “The best day” by Reza Malekzadeh

 In addition to songwriting, Hadi Zinati is also active in composing and arranging.

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