Coming all the way from Frezno California, Bankroll Raedoe sits here with me today, ready for his interview.,

So what got you into music in the first place? – K

Listening to my uncle and them rap and already having a good ear for music. Music plays a big part in my life, you know like songs that get you over stuff. – BR

Family is what got me into music too, so then let me ask you, what was the biggest a single you’ve haD thus far, and what was it like performing that song for the first time? – K

559 Baby, i haven’t really performed it anywhere so the first time would be the music video,. that shit was almost meant to be type shit. – BR

What are your biggest Goals for 2021?

Progression, just keep growin my shit, growing my fanbase more so more people can hear me. I feel like if i get enough people to hear me it’ll be done, they’ll fuck with me. – BR

Ok, last question is there anyone want to give a shout out to or show some love to?

My mom and my pops, my family for real. for always telling me to do my own thing. I mean shit, i could have been playing basketball but it looks like god had other plans. – BR


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