Apple has revealed an update to Apple Music on Android, one that adds improved sharing choices just as Autoplay and changes to look, alongside a component that hasn’t yet shown up on iOS – Crossfade.

Updated on Monday, version 3.4 of Apple Music on Android incorporates various changes that brings it to a great extent with iOS 14’s cycle. As a component of the change, the application has been given a makeover, complete with highlights the iOS version has offered for the most recent month.

These progressions incorporate a updated home page, with another Listen Now tab rather than For You, just as a updated format intended to empower music revelation just as speedy tuning in of most loved tracks. Under a similar change, the hunt has been refined to remember more metadata for tunes, alongside huge class look through covering temperaments, types, and explicit things like “Charts.”

The Autoplay highlight additionally makes the progress to Android, with clients ready to let Apple Music select the following tunes to play once a playlist has been depleted.

When empowered, Apple Music will dissect the playlist and select tunes that appear to be comparable, for example, a similar artist or genre.

Social media clients will have the option to impart their present listening choice to other people, by utilizing the Share Song choice in the menu to post to Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

One unusual choice that Android has is Crossfade, an element that has Apple Music overlapping the finish of one tune with the start of another for a couple of moments, fading between the two for a semi-seamless and continuous listening experience. While the choice is accessible on Mac, it still can’t seem to be made accessible on the iOS or iPadOS versions of the application.

The Google Play posting additionally makes reference to it incorporates “improved app performance.”

Apple Music for Android requires an Android telephone or tablet running Android 5.0 or later, or a Chromebook with help for Android applications.

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