Renowned musical artist Hemant Joshi has been making the headlines for quite some time now. From being praised for his fiery onstage performance to his soulful playbacks, Hemant has often been hot news. According to recent reports, Hemant is coming up with a super special and unique project that has never been done by any artist before. He is releasing a version of Hanuman Chalisa that is supposed to be the fastest in the world. Several artists have released their distinctive versions of Hanuman Chalisa before but none of them have been this short and fast. He is reported to have completed the recording for the Youtube release of this song. Thus, fans have already started speculating about its release, making it the new talk of tinsel town.

Hemant Joshi is not new to such love and appreciation. His onstage performance in Africa left the audience so speechless, that they titled him “The Half-Blood Prince” after his performance. He even got that title tattoed on his body later. He is also popular for his playbacks in Bollywood and Dhollywood. Hemant has worked with several big production houses like T-Series in the past and has garnered a wide fanbase for his work. His expertise in this field comes from his guruji, the living legend of classical music, Ustad Rashid Khan. Hemant has been training under him for years now and has also completed his Ph.D. in Classical Vocal. His works with other Dhollywood artists include Bhagvat Saptah With Jignesh dada, Satsangi Jivan Katha with Shree Nityaswarupdasji Swami (Swaminarayan Temple Sardahar ), and many more.

However, Hemant is not only famous as a singer in the industry but has also earned his name as a music producer and publisher. He is also an occasional actor and often stars in several music videos.

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